Human Investment Element

Human Investment Element

Training and Capacity Building

The Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation will organize, on an ongoing basis, seminars, workshops and conferences with the objective of promoting a culture of social democracy, civic education, democratic development, workers’ rights, increasing support to civil society to facilitate citizens’ engagement in the policy-making processes, community development, volunteerism and most importantly how to mitigate the causes that contribute to injustice, lack of freedoms and an uneven distribution of the country’s wealth and resources.

Youth Leadership Program

The Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation is guided by the conviction that exceptional leadership is a critical factor to contribute significantly to community and society. Such leaders are guided by a powerful vision of the future, with clear purpose and inspired by profound ideas and innovative solutions to present-day problems and challenges.

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The Foundation’s Youth Leadership Program will be designed to give future leaders the tools necessary to confront the multi-faceted challenges faced by societies living in emerging democracies.

The programs will provide an arena for learning, deliberation and linking social democratic theory to practice. This commitment to leadership education programs will cultivate vision and link compelling ideas to sound policy and effective outcomes.

Women and Society

Women’s active involvement in public life has long been a stumbling block for the Republic of Armenia. Their absence in decision-making bodies has served as an impediment not only to their empowerment but to the lack of a woman’s unique perspective and essential contribution to the nation-building process in all spheres, from education to conflict resolution.

The Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation will facilitate, train and empower women to become more engaged in politics, business, civil society and other forms of public life through various programs and projects.

Local/Regional Initiatives

There has always been a weak connection between local/regional levels and the national leadership in Armenia. In order to strengthen party activity at the grassroots level in the regions, the Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation will be supporting a number of projects and programs aimed at improving and elevating the role of regional bodies through the promotion of civic education programs, practical measures for democracy education and will work with locally elected officials to develop ideology and policy, public speaking tutorials and how to cooperate with local civil society organizations.

The Foundation will serve as an agent for change through projects and programs, including assisting in the organization of town hall meetings, forums for discussions covering a wide array of issues including education, local and regional empowerment, and the critical social and economic issues facing border towns.