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Policy Shop

The Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation will support policy-relevant research on issues of immediate concern in the Republic of Armenia, in particular, and in the South Caucasus, in general, and will facilitate public accountability by helping researchers and civil society organizations participate effectively in policy debates at the local, national and international levels. The Foundation will create strong research programs and set a forward-looking research agenda responding to locally-determined needs. The research will focus on general issues of political, social and economic policy related to topics such as: growth, equity, poverty reduction, and democracy.

Shaping regional, foreign, public and security policy through active cooperation with local and international NGOs conducting workshops, public forums and focus groups with wide demographic participation and work in conjunction with regional partners to help develop policies that will also promote social democracy in the South Caucasus. Promote progressive policy strategies to enhance social democratic thought among leaders and citizens. Promote democratic dialogue, good governance, rule of law, solidarity and social justice.

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It is the Foundation’s firm belief that objective, high quality research, as part of developing and implementing policies, will lead to more, transparent, accountable, equitable and prosperous societies.

The Foundation will conduct joint research projects with local, regional and international political and research institutes and will work closely with Members of Parliament by providing them with data and analysis to make more informed policy decisions.

The Foundation will organize and sponsor conferences. It will publish proceedings of the conferences and make them available on-line. It will commission research and policy papers relevant to pressing social, political and economic issues that Armenians, Armenia and the South Caucasus face.