Friends of the Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation

By becoming a Friend of the Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation you not only ensure the sustainability and viability of the Foundation, but your contribution will make the difference in the life of our nation’s future.

Through your donation you help us to cultivate and secure the foundations of a socially just society where Armenians can have the hope to live in comfort, peace and prosperity.

Join us today and let’s build the homeland of our dreams together.

You can become a Friend of the Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation by donating the sum of your choice to:

Account Name: Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation
Bank: Byblos Bank, Amiryan Branch, Yerevan, Armenia
AMD Account: 2140004473500100
USD Account: 2140004479500101
EUR Account: 2140004479500146

For further information, please contact us at

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